Functioning Cork Finish – Small Room Addition

The Challenge:

The house below was contracted to have a small room added to the side of the house. Since the property was built in the 1970’s, the original brick style was no longer available. As the room addition was located on the front side of the house, the exterior finish and color was very important.  There were many choices for the exterior, however, they needed one that complimented the existing brick veneer.

Various Choices:

The question became: Is there a way to MATCH the existing brick or will we have to COMPLIMENT the brick? Attempting to match the brick is a time-consuming task for any professional and choosing a lap siding or sheet siding was also not a very complementing look.  There were three choices of product that were on the table to choose from:

  1. Stucco
  2. EIFS
  3. ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat | LP ArmorStrand Panel | Tamlyn XtreamTrim.

The homeowner was looking for a material that was cost effective, time-saving, water resistant, and durable. The only material that proved to check all of the boxes above was: ISOLATE Acrylic Spray Cork!  With the material decided, the room addition was built as requested.  Wall sheathing had already been installed, then a layout of layer of Tamlyn Drainable House Wrap.  After wrapping the corners and windows with Tamlyn XtreamTrim system, LP ArmorStrand Panels were installed.  Liquid flashing was used to cover the nailed panels and seams.  Upon completion of the prep, we installed two coats of ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat.  After a few days of dry time, we were able to paint the newly applied ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat with the same color that the existing brick veneer.  

See Process Below:

  • Installation of the Tamlyn XtreamTrim Metal Reveal System
  • Installation of the LP ArmorStrand Panel
  • Installation of liquid flashing (nails and seams)
  • Spraying ISOLATE Acrylic Cork on LP ArmorStrand and Tamlyn XtreamTrim.

The Big Reveal:

After everything was installed, the new room addition exterior added curb appeal.  By painting the newly finished ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat, the same color as the older style brick, it turned out to a great companion to the existing brick.  The homeowner was very pleased with how the exterior finish turned out.  See After Pictures Below:


  1. Why was ISOLATE Cork chosen and not Stucco/EIFS?

ISOLATE Cork is a new product that has hit the construction industry! It has many great benefits such as:

Fire Retardant✔️✔️X
Light Weight✔️X✔️
Mildew Resistent✔️XX
Thermal Barrier✔️X✔️
Green Product✔️XX
Acoustic Isolation✔️X✔️
Water Resistant✔️X X

Cork checks off all of the above qualities and that is not the case with Stucco and EIFS.  With cement base traditional stucco / synthetic EIFS exterior finishes, there are two types of buildings: Ones that have cracks and ones that will crack.  Cracks undermine the durability of a stucco / EIFS finish.  Water intrusion is the number one cause of damage to buildings with traditional stucco and EIFS systems.  When water breaches through the cracks, and without a properly installed drainage system installed behind the exterior surface, moisture is harbored within the walls causing damage.  

ISOLATE Cork Coat + LP ArmorStrand panel + Tamlyn XtreamTrim = FUNCTIONING WEATHER EXTERIOR SYSTEM

2. What is the LP ArmorStrand Panel and how does it work so well with ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat product?

 The LP ArmorStrand Panel is a treated engineered wood strand product that can replace the normal OSB sheathing in a framing package.  The smoothed finish of LP ArmorStrand allows you to install the ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat (regular texture or fine texture) finish in less time and labor than traditional stucco applications.  It also resists damage from termites and decay for exceptional performance in harsh environments. The panel come in 4’x8’, 4’x9’ and 4’x10’.  There are no special tools needed, works and cuts like wood, which is time-saving.

Time and Motion Study vs. Three-Coat Stucco

The table below shows the tasks associated with each system installation and the approximate time it took to accomplish each task. These comparisons were based on a 12-foot-by-10-foot standard wall with a window assembly installed in the center of the wall. The analysis does not include any hydration cycling required for the proper application of traditional stucco scratch and brown coats, which would add time to the installation process. Also, no time was allowed to install a metal reveal system.

You get a faster installation time, plus the toughness to resist harsh weather.

3. What is Tamlyn XtreamTrim Metal Reveal / Water Management system and how does it work so well with ISOLATE Acrylic Cork Coat product?

The Tamlyn Metal Reveal Systems serve to channel and moisture away from a structure that can lead to structural deterioration, shorten the life of exterior cladding and plaints, while also fostering mold and rot which harm the structure and pose health hazards.

Both of the products mentioned above coupled with the ISOLATE Cork Coat Spray is the perfect match to a well done job.

 Kelly Gillespie, Managing Partner

Corporate Office – South Texas



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